Gaining Shell Access to a remote Vagrant VM

November 28, 2016

Occasionally, the need arises to help debug someone else’s Vagrant VM that isn’t behaving as expected. Once things get beyond the basics, it’s often most helpful to be able to have direct access to the VM itself. Here’s one way to do that. This technique depends on having a separate server where both parties have SSH access ( in this example). Consider the following scenario where Bob is running a Vagrant VM on his computer and would like Alice’s help in debugging that VM.

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Disc Golf Courses By County

March 8, 2011

With a healthy blanket of snow still on the ground, I took on an indoor disc golf project this weekend.  I’ve been wondering about the distribution of golf courses across the country, so after downloading some data on disc golf courses I created a map of all the disc golf courses in the USA by county.

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ActiveRecord in PHP

September 24, 2007

I’ve been meaning to release this code for quite some time. I’ve finally had a bit of time and motivation to sit down and take care of it. Ever since I started working with Ruby on Rails, I would cringe whenever I had to write yet more PHP code to do simple CRUD actions. Furthermore I really enjoyed the Rails syntax that you use to interact with its implementation of the ActiveRecord pattern. As such, I went forward and built a clone using PHP5. So far it has been used for a few projects and has been a joy to use.

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Frangipani Flower

July 6, 2007

In its fifth year in the Michigan climate, my frangipani, a tropical plant, has finally bloomed. Today the first flower of the season unfurled, with many more on their way. Some pictures:

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Search Along A Driving Route

April 19, 2007

I recently went on a 3000 mile road trip, and as I was preparing for the trip, I wanted to know the answer to questions like “Where are all the Speedway gas stations that are within a mile of my route?”. I couldn’t find anything that would allow me to search for businesses near a given driving route, instead I could only search for things near a given point or city. I decided to build a mashup using Yahoo! Pipes and Google Maps that would allow me to do just what I wanted.

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