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ActiveRecord In PHP

Installation Steps

  1. Create your database and tables, if you haven’t already. (remember use Rails’ conventions for table and column names)
  2. Download recent ActiveRecord release or

    svn co activerecord
  3. Untar into a models/ directory within your project or move checked out directory activerecord/ into your models/ directory.
  4. There should now be a models/activerecord/ directory, edit models/activerecord/config.php to your liking.
  5. Run models/activerecord/generate.php
  6. This should have have generated model stubs inside your models/ directory. Edit these model files to tell ActiveRecord about the relationships between tables. Do not edit *Base.php files as they get overwritten every time you run generate.php
  7. Use ActiveRecord, by including the models that you want to use:

    require_once ‘models/Post.php’;